Golf Course begins first phase of building nine home sites

“Orcas Greens” development concept by Stoltz Kau Architects.

Anyone driving by the Orcas Golf Course has seen the recent construction activity.

The work underway is part of a long-term plan allowing for nine modest home sites clustered around the clubhouse. Current installations include a water system, electrical service, septic system and common entry drives. In addition, the parking lot is being improved. The work being done is not affecting play on the course and the course is open for winter play.

In 2007, a group of locals bought the golf course at a moment when it was in danger of being closed and divided into five-acre home sites. In order to save the golf course and preserve open space, the group purchased the property, clustering all the building rights in a small area next to the clubhouse. The course itself was subsequently bought and improved by the Taylor family. Justin Taylor is the managing partner.

The home sites are in two groups: one to the north and one south of the clubhouse with views of the course amidst evergreen trees and native plantings.

“Single-family homes will occupy the sites and CC&R’s ensure that the homes will be in keeping with island style,” says the group.

The owners of the development anticipate offering the home sites for sale when the current infrastructure work is complete.