Fresh food and beverages now offered at the airport

David and Jennifer Dunlap.

David and Jennifer Dunlap.

An Orcas Island husband and wife team has opened a fresh food and beverage machine at the airport.

As with many dreams, this one arose from the ashes of personal tragedy,” said David Dunlap, who is launching the business with his wife Jennifer. “When I was 15, my father was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer. At one of the many hospitals that we took him to, I remembered this darn refrigerated vending machine, and for whatever reason that machine stayed in the back of my noggin for a great number of years.”

His idea lay dormant until his mom recently visited Orcas Island. She arrived at the airport, only to ask where the food was.

Immediately the vision of that refrigerated vending machine resurfaced in my mind like a familiar ghost from the past,” David said. “It was at that point that I realized other travelers would want the same thing.”

Orcas Cold Vend” is available 24/7 at the airport in Eastsound. David says their business model is based on integrity, quality and freshness of product, pricing that encourages local spending and a locally sourced product that employs local people.

I have stocked the machine with quality items at a good price to serve the local need for ‘after hours food,’” Dunlap said. “Much of the food is freshly made at Island Market. I’ve been talking with the Orcas Village Store and am hoping to have them on board as well for a bit more variety. It is also in the works to have premium grade sandwiches made with Roses’ delicious home-made bread.”