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Sonya Hiltner is the owner of Fashion Fairy

Sonya Hiltner is the owner of Fashion Fairy

She’s a Southern gal with a flair for fashion.

As a lifelong consignment shopper, Sonya Hiltner says purchasing the Aurora Company was a dream come true.

“Having the store is like getting to play dress up with your girlfriends all day,” said Hiltner, who purchased the shop from Barbara Wixom in late August.

Now called Fashion Fairy Consignment, the space in the Our House Building received a facelift.

It now has three dressing rooms, fresh turquoise paint and more floor space. Hitlner has also decorated the interior with fairy treasures and revitalized the clothing displays, allowing customers to browse more easily.

Hiltner says the shop carries everything from little black dresses to Carhatt pants – plus plenty of costumes for Halloween.

“I am trying to arrange it where it has a more flowing atmosphere and is filled with quality clothing, accessories and jewelry,” she said.

And the “Man Cave” across the hall has more of a selection as well as new socks and underwear.

For 30 years, Hiltner was in corporate business management in Alabama. She was also a single mom with three children and shopped at consignment stores.

“It’s the only way I could afford to dress in my nice suits and heels for work,” she said.

Hiltner moved to Orcas seven years ago because of a long-distance relationship with Thomas Hiltner.

“I fell in love with Orcas before I even landed,” she said. “I knew this was home whether Thomas was or not – luckily he was.”

The two married later that year and Sonya started a property care and cleaning business.

But Aurora’s always called to her. It was the first store she ever set foot in on Orcas, and Wixom had Hiltner in mind when she decided to sell the business after 15 years.

“Many people have asked me for fashion help even before the store,” Hiltner said.

This winter, she plans to hold “makeover” evenings twice a month. You can enter your name in a drawing and receive a hair and make-up session, an outfit and a photo shoot, courtesy of Fashion Fairy.

A little fashion history

1900-1920: Skirts were long and full, with a small train like today’s wedding gowns. When the war began in 1914, attention and materials were drawn away from design, and significant fashion developments stopped.

1920-1940: For the first time, women wear pants and short skirts. By the early 1930s, the hardships of the Great Depression create more conservative trends.

1940 – 1960:  Due to World War II, drabness and uniformity in clothing became popular. Buttons for any apparel were limited to three per clothing item.

1960 – 1980: Bell bottoms, increasingly short miniskirts and hot pants, and blue jeans are all the rage. This is a time of diverse fashion.

1980 – present: Welcome to the world of expensive designer clothing and women embrace casual, comfortable clothing styles.

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