‘Eventide Arbor Care’ opens on Orcas

Austen Ater has opened Eventide Arbor Care on Orcas Island.

“My desire is to provide a thoughtful, skilled approach to tree service, whether I am pruning a madrone, performing a technical removal over someone’s home, or grinding a stump that is next to utilities,” he said.

Ater was an apprentice in Moscow, Idaho and then moved to Spokane, where he began his studies to become a certified arborist, while working for a large tree company.

Three years ago, Ater and his wife Joelle moved to Orcas. They have two young children.

“I am grateful to be able to turn my love of climbing into a lifestyle of learning and finding safer and more efficient methods and techniques to become the best arborist I can be,” he said.

This past summer, Ater participated in an Electrical Hazards Awareness Program put on by the Tree Care Industry Association. He also helped organize the the first aerial rescue practice for Orcas Island tree climbers.

“I have plans to hold an aerial skills competition for all island tree professionals this summer,” Ater said.

For more information about his business, go to  www.eventidearborcare.com or 376-3214.