Connecting and building relationships | Liberté Beauty Orcas has a different approach

As a businessperson, Liberté Liberté is motivated by one thing: enriching relationships with the people around her.

An aesthetician for 14 years, she is deeply connected with her clients.

“Creating an experience is paramount to me,” says Liberté. “I think of the person first. It’s so rare now that people focus on what the person needs instead of it being a transaction.”

While living as a single mom in Seattle, Liberté ran several of her own businesses, including a personal concierge service and nanny networking. But in 2007, she decided to pursue a new path, enrolling herself in the Greenwood Academy of Hair and Skin.

“I needed something I could earn a living with and that I enjoyed as well,” she remembers. “And I just wanted people to feel good.”

She opened her own shop in Seattle immediately upon graduating, aiming to connect with people and focus on the skin health and heart of each client. Each year her company grew, ultimately serving around 200 people per month.

In 2019, Liberté moved to Orcas Island with her husband Allen Hartle. She initially commuted to Seattle, but in the wake of COVID-related business closures, Liberté shut her doors and decided to open a shop in her new island community.

Liberté Beauty Orcas launched this past summer, offering facials, sugaring, and wedding and special occasion makeup and hair services. Liberté donates a portion of her profits to the food bank and OPAL Community Land Trust.

“I cannot believe how held I feel on this island,” she said. “The pace is better. I get to be hyper selective about who I see.”

While Liberté does have male clients, her focus is on offering a place for women to feel lifted up, seen and held. Her goal is to create a lush, generous experience that is also efficient and consistent. She prioritizes regular clients because of the opportunities for relationship building.

“The tradition of aesthetics is an ancient practice of women taking care of women,” she said.

Liberté says “I don’t do anything I don’t love,” and her attention to detail is visible in every inch of her Eastound location.

“If you’re my client, I am curious about you. The anticipation of the client coming is the juiciest part,” she said, explaining that she prepares the space energetically, lights candles and sprays aromatherapy. Mindful meditation is included in every facial she gives.

Liberté sources as many regionally produced, female-owned products as possible. She also formulates her own.

“The beauty industry wants to ignore the sustainability issue,” she said. “If it’s passing through lots of hands, it’s hurting the planet.”

Thanks to her loving marriage and a renewed sense of stability, Liberté shared that she is “showing up in the treatment room differently.”

“Pleasure is one of the most potent ways to emanate beauty,” she said.

Liberté Beauty Orcas is located at 296 A Street, Eastsound. Call or text 206-335-4453 or visit for more information.