Vikings fall to La Conner

The Viking baseball team.

The Viking baseball team, despite a setback last week from a 10-5 loss to the LaConner Braves, still sit atop the Northwest 1A/2B league, albeit with close company.

The top four teams have the following overall records: Orcas, 5-2, Friday Harbor, 5-1, LaConner, 4-4 and Darrington, 2-3.

In the April 8 loss to LaConner, Vikings coach Jim Passer said, “We helped them a lot. We were very giving that day.”

Up 1-0 going into the second inning, the Vikings had a major breakdown and gave up 10 runs to the Braves in one inning.

“We had a bad second inning across the board. I think we are still the better team, and we battled back. We will learn from this loss.”

Orcas faces the Darrington Loggers next.

The Lady Vikings are still searching for the first win after a loss to the LaConner Braves 16-4 last week.

The overall league records are as follows: Friday Harbor, 5-3, LaConner, 4-2, Darrington, 3-2 and Orcas, 0-3. Orcas plays Darrington this week.