Orcas golf: Vikings play Friday Harbor in the middle of the pouring rain

Orcas player Miles McCloskey raises a spray of turf with a hard drive.

The Vikings teed off against Friday Harbor on April 27.

Cloudy skies let loose a steady downpour, deepening the mud on the fairways. The sopping students soldiered on, with a little help from a “White Daisy Rule” put into effect by a 2011 spring season so wet the fairways cannot even be mowed. If a player loses her ball among the daisies, said Friday Harbor coach Jack Rice, she gets a free drop wherever she thinks her ball should have been.

Miles McCloskey shot a 47; Tommy Granger a 50; Jessica Gudgell a 56 and Joe Kostechko a 64. Friday Harbor girls carried the day; they did not bring a boys’ team.

When Wolverine Kendra Meeker lost her slippery wet golf club into the pond, an Orcas girl waded out in her skirt to retrieve it.

“Now that’s what I call shortmanship,” quipped Rice.