Yes to library levy | Letter

For the love of learning, for the love of books, and for the love of random human interactions with fellow Orcas Islanders, I am voting yes for the library levy lid lift on our Nov. 8 ballot.

When I arrived on Orcas Island in 2005, I drove off the ferry and headed straight to the library to get my library card. It may sound corny, but having a library card made me feel that I belonged. Perched on top of Rose Street was a building that felt familiar, with books neatly arranged on the shelves beckoning me to read them. I introduced myself to the librarian, Phil Heikkinen, and told him I would like to join the monthly book selection committee. There I met Rachel Adams, head of the committee who guided us as we went around the table explaining why we wanted to have particular books become part of the collection.

Two years ago, I finished a five-year term as a library trustee. In that role, I learned about all the different elements involved in operating our library: staff, volunteers, Friends of the Library and generous donors. I am proud of my fellow trustees, both past and present. The fiscal responsibility of those who served before me enabled us to postpone a levy lid lift for more than two decades. The current board has compiled a detailed explanation of why we need a levy lift at this time. Please stop by the library or visit the library’s website and read this document before the election.

I love literature and I also love that a public library provides equal and unbiased access to information, the building blocks of knowledge.

Rachel Newcombe