Vote for Watson | Letter

I’m voting for Bill Watson to make sure 2017 is the year San Juan County begins to seriously work on several important issues. Bill began his life in San Juan County working with the Economic Development Council, and he is committed to helping create a sustainable local economy. The revision of the agricultural ordinances is a beginning step. He believes after that there is much more to do to help agriculture remain part of the landscape and our culture.

The extreme shortage of affordable rentals is another step that begs for county leadership and action in 2017. Businesses and individuals are feeling the crunch, which county officials were advised was coming for the last two decades. We need a county council willing to work with business owners, nonprofit agencies and other governments to begin to implement some of the solutions. Bill’s website about rentals lists a number of possibilities for addressing the problem, possibilities that reflect the thoughtfulness of his approach to problems. His work experience and education reflect that same thoughtfulness.

I believe Bill Watson is a good choice for the leadership we need on the county council. Change will come to San Juan County with or without the influence of the council. But good change requires county council members ready to do the hard work of leading our island communities. Bill Watson can and will do that.

Dave Zeretzke

San Juan Island