Thoughts on Colton Harris-Moore’s story | Letter

Colton needs $300,000 to cryogenically preserve his mother. The perfect Mother’s Day gift – a frozen mother. What Colton evidently hasn’t considered is that the mainstream medical magnates would want to find a cure. The National Cancer Institute alone has spent over 90 billion in the last 40 years in the war on cancer. Cancer fighting is big business. A cure would mean one less thing to declare war on. Heaven forbid. And as far as I know, no one is funding a “Peace On Cancer” campaign.

What I find ironic is that (from my point of view) Colton’s love of flying symbolizes the spirit’s quest for liberation. However, Colton is so wedded to this physical existence that, instead of letting his mother take flight to become her true self, he wants to ground her. Colton – let her go.

But Colton may achieve his crowd funding goal long before we ever see a roof on the Exchange. Which brings me to another area of concern; the enormous amount being spent building a structure that we, as a community, could have built with volunteer help and materials for a fraction of the cost. In far less time.

While we’re in the vicinity, what is happening next door at the “Transfer Station” makes absolutely no sense at all. I’m talking about the current method of “recycling”. Dumping glass, paper, cardboard, tin cans, plastic bottle, etc., all in the same container, is not recycling. That’s called making a mess. In addition, we have to pay for it. As the song goes (American Pie) “…that’s not how it used to be.”

Phil Knight