Thanks, Orcas Island voters | Letter

So many people came together in support of this year’s mayoral election. The gratitude I feel is almost impossible to express, and I’m still reeling from the incredible finish – which raised more than $16,000 in support of the Children’s House Preschool program.

Mayor Lewis won the title brilliantly, and the combined efforts of people both locally and outside our community reinforces children can indeed inspire goodness in humanity – even during elections! A heartfelt thank you to all the voters, which included islanders, visitors and even strangers from as far away as Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Great Britain. (Khaleesi had a unique global following!)

Thank you to the animals (and their proxies) who weathered the rain, wind and sun to meet (and lick) constituents, and to their managers who tirelessly led them to the booth, hung their signs and solicited votes (and big checks.) Thank you to the sponsors who proudly displayed signs, voting boxes and sometimes sponsored swag. A particular shout-out to Islander’s Bank (and their staff) for giving canine Ollie the opportunity and space to schedule onsite Meet & Greets with banking constituents!

Thank you Kate and Andrew for helping with Tshirts and buttons! Thank you Ada and Scarlet for illustrating our highly collectible campaign buttons, program wizard Mark Florence, Mr. Gray and to our teachers and board that worked tirelessly through it all.

Congratulations Mayor Lewis! We look forward to seeing what you can accomplish in the year to come.

Susan Anderson

Children’s House