Thank you to EMTs | Letter

Often I have seen letters in the Islands’ Sounder that praise the efforts of our EMTs.

Those letters of praise take on more meaning, however, when you or a loved one needs emergency help. That was the case a few weeks ago when my wife, Sara, tripped and fell at Ray’s Pharmacy and broke her hip.

Patrick Shepler and our excellent team of Paramedics from Orcas Fire and Rescue quickly arrived, stabilized her, and transported her to the airport. From there she was well cared for by James, Mayant and Nate from Island Air Ambulance who flew her to Island Hospital. I am pleased to say she is doing very well and we hope to bring her home next week. We remain ever-thankful to the outstanding EMTs on Orcas and at Island Air. I have to stress that we, on Orcas, are extremely lucky to have such great services available to us.

Jim Hennessey