Thank you for One World concerts | Letter

If anyone sensed a rumbling throughout the island this last weekend, the source of it might have been a musical freight train at the Orcas Epicenter in Eastsound. The 2016 One World Unlimited rolled through again making stops in American musical history.

I would like to thank those onboard who made this show what it was, our producer Regina Zwilling, Almost Classical, Emy and Lisa Carter, Paris Wilson, Steve Alboucq, Beth and Matt Jenson, Vince Redhouse, Gregory Books, singers Grace McCune, Gene Nery, Colleen Armstrong and Pete Kirkland, rhythm boys Chris Leighton, Chuck Deardorf and Lek Thixton, dancers Katie Zwilling, Tiffany Loney, Ben and Aristotle Luna, silly girl group, Sparks, Kristen Wilson, Jim Schafer-Bauck, projectionist Keith Light, light man Phil Burbo, sound man Kevin Colomby and Funhouse Director Krista Bouchey.

Thank you everyone for coming and helping make this show the best ever.

Martin Lund

Orcas Island