Support for I-732 | Letter

I’ve been coming up to Orcas for 16 years and recognize how much island residents value the beauty, health, and sustainability of the natural environment. Over time I expect we’ve all noticed disturbing changes: warmer temperatures, fewer fish, less snow in the mountains. Around the world there are unprecedented floods, dying shellfish, and dangerously dry forests. Last week an oil train exploded in our state. Clearly, we must stop our dependence on fossil fuels! That’s why I’m going to vote Yes on Initiative 732 in November.

I-732 ( proposes to tax fossil fuels and return the money to the people by lowering the state sales tax, eliminating most manufacturing taxes to protect small business, and issuing a rebate to low-income families. It will provide a market incentive for companies to switch to clean energy. A carbon tax is widely recognized as the best way to lower fossil fuel emissions and has substantially lowered emissions in British Columbia without hurting the economy.

We have a moral obligation to our children and grandchildren to ACT NOW to slow global warming. Please join me in supporting I-732.

Mary K. Stevens