Strong objection to Sounder’s coverage | Letters

I’ve considered your offer to write a piece about my thoughts/objections to the article you wrote about the case against Sarah Coffelt. I’ve decided that the Coffelts have had more than enough unpleasant and unnecessary exposure, and do not want to call any more attention to them.

My primary concern is that you understand my strong objection to the article you wrote about them. Do you know that in Germany, it is illegal to present the names of defendants in any litigation in a public forum until there is a judgment? You have, in your piece, made them appear guilty, and basically used this issue to stir up feelings in your readers akin to the feelings people experience who read tabloids. There is no earthly reason for us to know everything you printed. You did it, it appears, to take advantage of an opportunity to write something ‘juicy’ for your readers, appealing to the most prurient level of people’s minds. And these are your, and our, neighbors! You used their predicament to “sell newspapers.” Or so it appears.

This is shocking and appalling in any public forum, but in a small town newspaper, it is disgraceful.

I am satisfied that this letter expresses my thoughts, and would hope that it will appear somewhere in the Sounder.

Jane Alden

Orcas Island