Satisfaction and admiration | Letter

I want to express my satisfaction and admiration at your courageous decision to provide complete and factual coverage on the recent murder-suicide incident here on my home island of Lopez.

Another reader and I were discussing this story when your first article came out in Vol. 36, Number 35 of the Weekly. We came to a reluctant agreement that your staff would most likely bow to political correctness and not provide any further details in subsequent issues. But you surprised us with your professional and accurate reporting and for this I am grateful. Sadly, it’s not so common these days for the printed press to do its job and give the people the full and relevant details of a story, no matter how much discomfort they may cause to a particular segment of our society.

In the case of this story, the combination of a suspended predatory elementary school teacher, a depraved and perverted lifestyle, child molestation, a series of related criminal acts, an ongoing investigation by the perpetrator’s school, and gun-related violence on our peaceful beach make strong and unflinching reportage absolutely mandatory. So thank you for performing a vital public service in the face of what might be overwhelming demands for silence. You have at least partially restored my faith in newspapers.

Loren Perry

Lopez Island