Response to ‘A Bernie Supporter’ | Letter

In regards to the lengthy article written by David Turnoy, and his reasons voting for Hillary, I wish to add mine for doing the opposite.

I, too, volunteered at the caucus because of supporting Bernie and what he stood for, along with a few others. First there’s the most honest and simple reason, we’re blessed to supposedly live in a Democracy where the government is suppose to fear it’s citizens not the other way around and this election with all our worlds problems, many Bernie Supporters will argue that we need to practice what we preach as we attempt to conquer and dominate the world! Freedom and democracy are indeed worth fighting and if need be, dying for! However if that alone isn’t enough reason there’s others which I feel argue the fact. Both are Liars, both have been involved directly or indirectly with nations that are questionable such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia and both can be viewed using racial bias in their language. Both are involved with Big Oil and corporate politics and in my opinion, both are the definition of “psychopaths” with the only good fortune in my opinion being that neither believe in what they’re saying which makes them not “criminally insane psychopaths.” One only need to watch Hillary’s insane laugh describing the death of the Libyan leader to put a person onto the thought of “psychopath.” And Trump pretty much as you described qualifies him as one. In throwing the word “fascist” out there, fascism is nothing more than “corporate government” and we might agree as fellow Bernie supporters, that no one is more corporate and has more corporate favor with both parties than Hillary. And as far as fighting battles in the street against the thugs, all those hundreds of Americans just in the last two years which we refer to first as “Black,” that were unarmed and killed because what many see as “Institutional Racism” along with their grieving families and many others like myself, would say we’re already fighting the thugs in the streets and losing! I’m voting for Jill Stein not because the lesser evil but because she’s the most trustworthy and representative of the People.

Let me offer what I feel is a better way to honor all those that fought or died for the words freedom and democracy, with one of those freedoms being to vote for whom we think can guide us towards a better humanity instead of fear, it’s called Let’s Make a Deal.” My friends are bipartisan and since many of them are also completely disappointed in the choices the two major corporate parties offer and I trust them a hell of a lot more than either one of these “liars.”

John Cook

Orcas Island