Replace current elected officials | Letter

In my opinion our elected representatives in government, like Congressman Rick Larsen, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, and Governor Jay Inslee add proof as Super Delegates, they’re not caring about what their constituents say! And since they obviously no longer represent our voice in our elected corporate government, it’s our obligation as citizens to at least know we have other choices much more trustworthy and worthy.

I’m able to have the available time away from a schedule of retirement, gardening and grandchildren, and look into those replacement and the list of the people putting their butts on the line brought me to self anger about my prior laziness and chosen ignorance. I looked into Mike Lapointe replacing Congressman Rick Larsen, Patrick O’Rourke to replace Governor Jay Inslee and Phil Cornell replacing Senator Patty Murray, all up for re-election. They meet my expectations of what our elected voices should sound like, and if we want the changes our country needs, we seriously need to regain some trust in our government.

Like many of us, I wanted Bernie to lead us where we need to be headed, but the reality is he’s only one cog in a very big, broken and corrupted corporate wheel – and electing the same every time, we continue to get worse alternatives until we end up where we find ourselves today!

John Cook

Orcas Island