Penwell for council | Letter

I am running for County Council Position 1. I am best known for my integrity, charitable activities, and for starting Community Treasures. I do not support polluting our county rural roads with political signs, so I invite you to visit my website to review my platform and leadership experiences over the last 40 years.

If anyone, or any group, would like a private meeting to better understand the advisors plan, the fairness policies, and the Essential Public Facilities issues that I am promoting, please give me a call at 378-6473. Community Treasures and Take it or Leave sites need to become “conforming” entities, so they can become permanent community facilities. Currently they are non-conforming, meaning they are to be eliminated over time. Fairness policies need to be written, due to the county’s history of not treating citizens and organizations equally, and not protecting employees and whistleblowers effectively.

Please vote for advisors, equality and fairness policies.

Frank M. Penwell

San Juan Island