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Public works is not managing project well | Letter

June 5, 2013 · Updated 2:48 PM

A few weeks ago I called Frank Mulcahy, your head of the Public Works Department, to express my concern and outrage over the surface being torn off of the Mt. Baker and North Beach Road interchange weeks before necessary. I also published a letter to the editor about it. From the many “thank yous” I received from my fellow Orcas residents, I appeared to be dead-on with my comments. It seems that most people do not want to stick their neck out and publicly comment on issues that affect them. I have never had a business relationship with your chosen contractor so I had nothing to lose. Mr. Mulcahy suggested that I call his man on Orcas. I told him that if his man on Orcas had been doing his job my call would not have been necessary. I think the contractor took some mitigation measures to hold down the dust a few weeks ago and the recent rain has made watering unnecessary. However the areas in question now are massively pot-holed – not as bad as a third world country but for Orcas Island, one of the richest areas in the state, this is nothing less than a “Shonda.” That is Yiddish for DISGRACE. The head of public works on Orcas should be immediately terminated. This individual appears to be unable to do the job effectively. As a tax payer I find abhorrent the idea of filling openings with people unable to do the job.

On a different note I was somewhat bemused at the county’s feel good offer to help the state over the bridge collapse. Why don’t you get our own house in order before making feel good gestures? Potholes on one of the busiest corners on Orcas reflect on you directly. If you can’t facilitate a reasonable level of competency from your staff then maybe you should all resign and we will try again.

Remember President Truman’s famous plaque: The Buck Stops Here. You wanted it, now show us what you’ve got. Firing the road guy on Orcas would set a good tone and show staff that professional execution of their job is mandatory. Please, no more touchy-feely overtures out of county. You have plenty of fish to fry here.

Harvey Aldort


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