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Byers has not set the record straight | Letter

March 26, 2013 · Updated 2:19 PM

Lisa, this appears to be a reasonable opinion and not “mud-slinging and innuendo.” I have reviewed both the videos and I fail to see how there is a problem in posing the thought, “After watching this video I’m not sure if Lisa is a socialist or communist.”

I have not only reviewed the videos but checked out the “New Economics Institute” website, the organization hosting this, and your website also. The video, NEI, the people and organizations supporting them would appear support the possibility raised by the email. Your comment above, “To assign a political philosophy to me based on that talk is inaccurate and inflammatory,” is neither. This history is all a part of how you think and will govern. It is not only fair to question your stated views, political associations and economic philosophies but it is our obligation as citizens to do so.

You say “Examine candidates’ actual qualifications,” that is exactly what the email is about. I do find it curious that you have chosen not take the “high road” and answer the question raised, but instead you attacked the questioner. If the conclusions he or she has are incorrect, regardless of how they arrived at them, then just correct them, support your claim with facts as they have. We got it. You are a good leader and manager at what you do. We are just concerned that you will do a great job of leading us down the wrong road based upon your views. Let’s all move head in civil debate and just discuss what you said in June of 2012 at the NEI convention.

Let it all out. I trust you and the other candidates have nothing to hide or shade and desire to be elected on the sum of all the values and principles you hold as a candidate. Right?

Don Pencil


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