Letter about white privilege is right on | Letter

I would like to commend Analisa Lee for her heartfelt and important article on white privilege. This is a concept that few of us white folks are very aware of.

I was first made aware of the concept about 25 years ago in a class for teachers taught by two African-American high school teachers. I had honestly never considered that my white skin was an advantage in American society, but as soon as the idea was explained, it made perfect sense. And because of it, that is why programs like Affirmative Action are so important. Such programs work not only to mitigate the effects of past mistreatment, but they also work to make up for the disadvantages that African-Americans face today in our society simply because of their darker skin.

We are supposed to be a color-blind society, but we are far from it. Simply look at the percentages of different ethnic groups in jail and prison, and look at the treatment by police that has led to the Black Lives Matter movement. Those of us with white skin need to accept the fact that we were born with an advantage, desired or not, and try to make it possible for all people to have the same advantages we do. In other words, let’s work so that all are treated equally.

David Turnoy