Kudos to the Sounder | Letter

Good editorial, “Ferries need to support local riders,” in last week’s Sounder.

I think you are correct about people’s anger being about something bigger and the workforce not being able to keep up. As a landlord I regularly see people desperately looking for housing and folks from Lopez and Orcas Island with full-time jobs unable to find housing and hoping to be able to rent one of my units 2 blocks from the ferry landing and commute by ferry to work.

It is especially a big problem this time of year when lots of seasonal workers are trying to rent site unseen from May through September.

Low income and low, fixed income folks are suffering, too not just from lack of affordable housing but from rising costs of island living including electricity billings.

Also, I got a kick out of the Flounder story “OPALCO set to invest in green energy.”

Gray Cope

San Juan Island