Islanders working to combat climate change | Letter

Islands Climate Resilience (ICR) is a group of islanders working to improve our resilience to climate change through a combination of outreach/education and strategic planning. We believe that climate change is happening and that it needs to be addressed both locally and globally.

To ensure that climate change issues are addressed in the 2016 county council campaign, we asked each of the candidates to provide written responses to our county council candidates’ questionnaire.

We have received responses from two candidates: Bill Watson (Residency District 1) and Rick Hughes (Residency District 2). No responses were received from Bob Jarman (Residency District 1) or Michael Durland (Residency District 2). The questions and answers are posted on our website ( and Facebook page (

We encourage voters who are concerned about climate change issues to consider the candidates’ responses. We thank Bill Watson and Rick Hughes for responding to the Islands Climate Resilience questionnaire.

Sarah Severn

Steering committee member of Islands Climate Resilience