Elections Review Committee will help OPALCO | Letter

Though a co-chair of the committee, I feel the necessity to respond as a individual OPALCO member to opposing commentary which is full of twisted logic and false assumptions.

As evidenced by this commentary, once again there is a very vocal minority who are trying to influence what the majority of OPALCO members think by flooding our local media with an inaccurate interpretation of a series of recommendations that are designed to improve election transparency and allow members to feel fairly and well-represented. This minority do not offer any constructive alternatives, but just loudly voice a biased opposition to everything proposed by anyone else.

I urge all open-minded OPALCO members to attend at least one the next three meetings to be held on San Juan, Shaw and Orcas on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Read the recommendations yourselves, ask questions and listen to the answers, engage in civil discussion, form your own educated opinion and propose intelligent constructive alternatives if you feel they are warranted.

Do not let someone else form your opinion for you. This is how improvements to any process are made.

Terry O’Sullivan