Durland announces candidacy | Letter

My campaign began at the San Juan County Fair. I visited with attendees, exhibitors, and vendors. My campaign website is Durland4Council.com, email Michael@Durland4Council.com, phone is 971-307-3377. I invite your comments on issues facing all of us in this county.

Mine is a true grassroots campaign. I am not soliciting campaign donations. I ask that you vote for me and to support my efforts to make positive change in county government.

If you live, work, own a business, or property in this county I have likely walked a mile in your shoes. Like most of you I donated time to citizen committees and provided numerous nonprofits, individuals, and businesses with time, energy, technical expertise and equipment.

I grew up farming, served in the military, was a licensed Union carpenter and real estate agent, and was the owner of a yacht charter business. I hold a BS in Interdisciplinary studies: Political Science and Biology, and Contractor and Captain’s licenses. I apprenticed to become a shipwright, moved to Orcas in 1977 to build a private yacht for a customer and stayed. I raised a family in an off-the-grid cabin, and started and still operate two businesses in Deer Harbor.

As a 39-year resident, 37-year property owner and contractor, 27-year shoreline property and business operator my experiences have made me acutely aware of the issues in this county.

The greatest impediment to community and commerce is the arbitrary creation and implementation of public policy. San Juan County citizens need a functional government capable of consistent interpretation and implementation of public policy if they are to plan, invest in this community, and prosper.

My goal is to improve the integrity, trustworthiness, responsibility, and accountability of county government through the consistent interpretation and implementation of public policy and fair treatment of all citizens. I believe this can be achieved by providing county staff with the tools, training, and support they require to be effective, by listening to your comments and concerns, and by acting in the best interests of the community.

Michael Durland

Orcas Island