Disappointed with the Islands’ Sounder | Letters

I am disappointed with the recent series of articles featuring drugs, sexual abuse and other criminal activities on the front page of the Sounder. I could not help feeling embarrassed when I saw last week’s headline about heroin abuse as I rode the inter-island ferry full of tourists and families traveling to the San Juan County Fair. Is this really necessary during the height of the vacation season?

These stories are certainly of community interest and should be reported, but they do not warrant front page display. Our summer visitors come here to enjoy their vacations. They are only here a short time and are a vital part of our economy.

It is in poor taste to publicize such negativity, especially when there is so much other newsworthy material to choose from. Nobody is under any illusions. We all know that Orcas Island faces the same types of problems as any other rural community. Why the need to continually bombard everyone with this information?

Sarah Lefton

Orcas Island