Beware of the new ferry rule | Letter

Last Thursday I rushed from my friend’s house and late dinner to make the late ferry which I mistakenly thought was at 9:10 (look at the spring schedule, people!). I got to the booth with what I thought was 10 minutes to spare and expressed this to Jeff, my favorite booth guy. I told him I knew about the “new rule” to be at the booth 30 minutes ahead of time. Jeff informed me that I was 2 minutes late and had been spit out of the system already! He added I was now on standby! I thought he was kidding but alas, he wasn’t. Jeff being Jeff, he took care of my $10 charge and of course there was hardly anyone in line for that late ferry but still, I was very surprised.

So my fellow travelers, be forewarned that even if you are ONE minute late within the 30-minute deadline, the computer knows and you will lose your reservation status, be on standby and perhaps lose your $10 reservation fee.

I think this new rule is ridiculous. You can get there 45 minutes to an hour ahead of time but can be stuck out on the street on either side because they can’t stage the vehicles fast enough. I’ve watched a half empty ferry pull away with me still down past the Ship Harbor development in Anacortes a few years ago due to having only one booth open two days before Thanksgiving weekend!

I will make sure I get to the ferry at least one hour in advance now that summer is kicking in. Even then I fear that it still may not be enough time to get the vehicles processed. I am also suggesting once again to WSF that they have a special booth for islanders who have their “Wave 2 Go” passes. This would process a lot of us and get the lines moving far more efficiently. I think it is time for a barrage of letters once again, although most of the time I don’t feel like anyone is listening.

Patty Pirnack-Hamilton