A solution for the Orcas Medical Foundation | Letter

Last week it was announced that Island Hospital would no longer be providing management services for the Orcas Medical Center practice and Orcas Medical Foundation. It was also reported that OMF is having discussions with the UW Neighborhood Clinics to take over management of the Orcas practice. I propose an easy and local alternative for OMF. Orcas Family Health Center is a fully operational family medicine practice with providers, an excellent staff, scheduling and billing services. I have spoken with Dr. David Shinstrom, medical director of OFHC, who is very willing to move the practice to the medical center building. I urge you to contact the OMF Board who are listed at http://www.orcasmedicalcenter.com/omf-board and encourage them to pursue this extremely easy local solution.

Ken Speck

Orcas Island