Vernon Roy Landon

On Jan. 25, at 4 p.m., Vernon Roy Landon passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospital surrounded by loved ones. Some would say that he lost his battle with cancer, but his family feels that he won. He won because he remarried the love of his life one month earlier. He won because all of his children and grand-children were all together this Christmas for the first time. His heart glowed and his smile beamed as he spent time with each one. And he won because he did not have to suffer endless amounts of pain.

Vern was born in Butte, Montana on July 31, 1939.

He graduated from Lake Washington High School in 1957. Vern joined the Navy on Dec. 8, 1961 and served as a stationary engineer on the USS Brinkley Bass. He was honorably discharged on Dec. 7, 1963.

Vern was a practicing Mason before he entered the military, and he returned to it after his discharge.

His artistic vision and superb craftsmanship has left his legacy all over Orcas Island as well as Washington State.

Vwern is survived by his wife Belinda; his children Lisa Huddleston, Gina Landon, Eric Landon, Lorinda Landon, Marion Rathbone and Earl Sontra; his sister Muriel Skagen; his brother-in-law Jim Skagen; his grandchildren Alec Huddleston, Ryan Huddleston, Calvin Franklin, Victoria Grace (or Vickie, as grandpa called her), Levi Landon, Vivian Landon, Megan Vittoria, Mathew Wight, and Felicia Gossett; and his nephew Jim Passer. He was preceded in death by his son Jeffery and grandson Eric Landon Jr.

A celebration of Vern’s life will be held at Vern’s Bayside Monday, Feb. 6, at 3 p.m. All whose lives were touched by Vern are welcome. If you have a picture of stone or brick work built by Vern, please bring it with you. At approximately 4:30 p.m. Vern’s ashes will be put to sea in East Sound, behind the Bayside. Craig Nelson will be dropping them from his airplane. Those who were touched by Vern are welcome to view this from the Bayside patio.