Dr. Darryl Laramore | Passages

A Celebration of Life Reception will be held for long-time summer Orcas resident Dr. Darryl D. Laramore on Sunday, July 9 at 5 p.m. at 494 G. Buoy Bay Road in Olga.

Laramore a renowned expert and nationally-recognized author on Career Development had been a part of the Orcas Buoy Bay Community, with his wife Joyce, since 1959.

Born in St. Anne, Illinois in 1928, Laramore was determined to enjoy the full benefit of The Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952 after the Korean War and obtained two master’s degrees and a PhD in Education. He married Joyce Hutchison, a Bellingham resident in 1958 while they were both teaching in Moses Lake, WA. Laramore trained at the Gesell Institute of Human Development with Dr. Francine Ilg and became a trained Child Development Evaluator. He met and worked with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator creators Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers distributing and training people to use the MBTI questionnaire. Together with his wife, he taught Parent Effectiveness classes for a number of years.

Laramore was responsible for initiating groundbreaking career and job development programs for the Sonoma County School System in Sonoma County, Calif., the Montgomery County School System in Maryland, The Walt Disney Company and as the University of Maryland Graduate Studies Asian Division Director on Okinawa. Although he and his wife lived and traveled extensively in the United States and Asia they always returned to Orcas.