Bruce Lamb | Passages

Bruce Arthur Lamb sailed off on his final adventure on Aug. 23, 2017.

Bruce was born on March 26, 1938 in Denver Colorado to Joan Chadwick Lamb and Arthur Lamb.

Bruce was always a curious boy and spent his early years exploring caves in Carlsbad New Mexico but he always had a longing for the sea. He met his wife Suzanne Subrin Lamb in San Francisco and they married in 1965. In 1967 Bruce and Suzanne bought a boat and headed off to the South Pacific on the first of many boating adventures.

In 1974 Bruce and Suzanne sailed to Hawaii where they stayed for the next 23 years and raised their daughter Edy Lamb Hansen who was born in 1976.

In 2000 Bruce and Suzanne sailed to Orcas Island, where they spent many years exploring the San Juans and the surrounding areas.

He is survived by his wife Suzanne Lamb, daughter Edy Hansen, and three granddaughters Mikaela Hansen, Simone Hansen and Bethany Hansen.