Village Green to receive free internet access

Wireless internet access is coming to the Village Green.

During an Eastsound Planning Review Committee on Jan. 5, San Juan County Councilman Rick Hughes announced that the Village Green will soon have wireless internet capabilities and that Verizon is considering constructing a cell tower in Olga.

Hughes is working with Rock Island on the project and it is scheduled to be done by this summer.

“I’ve always wanted to have free public access at the green,” said Hughes. “It’s not as much as a gathering point as it could be.”

In a deal with Rock Island, the internet provider will equip the green with free internet access in return for the county allowing access to a county-owned conduit. Hughes said the access would expand the usage options of the green, allowing for more movie nights or live concerts to be held there. Wireless internet would also be beneficial to the farmer’s market, he added.

“We try to do things that are win-win,” he said. “It’s great for the park.”

Verizon in Olga

Verizon has approached the county with a proposition of building a cell tower in Olga. The area is notoriously bad for cell service and a representative from Verizon is working with San Juan County Planning Manager Linda Kuller to organize community meetings with residents of Olga to get input from the village prior to building the tower.

“I applaud Verizon’s rep for reaching out to the community,” said Hughes. “They want to make sure the community is supportive.”