Traffic troubles, fraudulent finances and trespassing tourist | Sheriff’s Log

  • Fri Sep 22nd, 2017 12:08pm
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The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

Sept. 13

• A deputy in Friday Harbor responded to traffic collision where two vehicles backed into each other.

• A deputy was dispatched to a theft call on Orcas. After both parties were contacted, the deputy found that it was a civil matter.

• A deputy spoke with a Lopez Island school bus driver about a motorist who illegally passed the bus on Fisherman Bay Road while the flashing red lights and stop paddle were activated.

• An Orcas Island deputy was dispatched to a trespassing complaint in the Eastsound area. The suspect was gone upon the deputies arrival.

Sept. 14

• A Lopez deputy issued a citation to the owner of an unattended vehicle in the ferry line.

• Unknown person/s gain access to a San Juan Island residence bank account and was able to take funds from the account.

• A citizen reported a check was forged and passed at a Friday Harbor business.

• A Friday Harbor student reported his bike stolen from the high school. He had parked it at the school for a few days and when he returned it was gone. There are no suspects at this time.

• Deputies responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Orcas Island. The disturbance was discovered to be verbal only in nature. The parties separated without further incident.

Sept. 15

• An Orcas deputy was contacted to post bail.

• Sheriff deputies were called to the elementary by the principal because an unauthorized parent of a child attempted to pick up the child. The parent was gone upon a deputy’s arrival.

• Deputies were sent to a Friday Harbor address in response to a 911 hang-up. An arguing couple was found and interviewed. One of the parties agreed to leave the house.

• An Orcas deputy issued a motorist a citation for speeding on Terrill Beach Road near Buckhorn Road.

Sept. 16

• A deputy contacted a man in Friday Harbor who was screaming obscenities. He was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

• Friday Harbor deputies responded to a call of neighbors screaming angrily. It was found to be roommates arguing over moving. There was no physical violence or property damage and one party left the residence.

• An Orcas deputy was contacted regarding a theft that in the Eastsound area.

• A Lopez man reported being harassed and threatened by other Lopez Island residents. An information report was taken.

• A caretaker reported finding a Lopez Island vacation rental unlocked with lights on while it was supposed to be unoccupied. The home was cleared and secured by a deputy, who found no indication of a burglary or theft.

• A a vessel collided into an anchored vessel in the Roche Harbor area.

Sept. 17

• Deputies responded to the Friday Harbor Suites for an unknown person passed out on the couch in the lobby. The person was removed and directed to the right hotel. He was also issued a trespassing warning for the Suites.

• San Juan deputies were dispatched to an ongoing property line dispute. One of the parties was violating the injunction by dumping trash and cutting trees in a disputed area. The violator was asked to stop and refused. Photos and videos were taken of the incident and a report filed with the courts.

• An Orcas deputy was contacted about a motor vehicle accident that had occurred on Sept. 15.

• An Orcas deputy issued a motorist a citation for driving without a valid license and a warning for speeding on Lovers Lane.

• A deputy was dispatched to a single vehicle accident on San Juan. The vehicle had drifted off the roadway and no one was injured.

Sept. 18

• A deputy arrested a subject in Friday Harbor on an active warrant. The subject posted bail and was released on his promise to appear in San Juan County District Court as directed.

• Orcas Island deputies found property along a roadway in Eastsound. It was booked into the property room for safe keeping until the owner is found.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant and was booked into the jail.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a disorderly conduct on Main Street in Eastsound.

• The male suspect left the location prior to the deputy arriving. The deputy searched the immediate area where the suspect was reported to have gone but was unable to locate the suspect.

Sept. 19

• A deputy responded to a non-injury two vehicle collision in Friday Harbor. One driver was issued a notice of infraction for failing to yield.

• A deputy arrested a person in Friday Harbor on three active warrants. The person was booked into jail.

• An Orcas deputy issued a citation to a motorist on Rose Street for not wearing a seatbelt and a warning for speeding.

• An Orcas deputy issued a driver a citation for driving without a valid license and speeding on School Road.

• A deputy was dispatched to a report of a suspicious circumstance in Friday Harbor.