Time for back-to-school immunizations

  • Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 12:08pm
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Submitted by San Juan County Dept. of Health and Community Services

The Washington State Department of Health and San Juan County Health and Community Services are urging parents and guardians to make sure their kids’ immunizations are up to date before heading back to school this fall.

Last school year (2016-2017), 85 percent of kindergartners in Washington State were completely immunized. This school year’s goal is 95 percent. View a list of the elementary schools that achieved 95 percent last year, as well as a list of San Juan County’s school district rates here.

Students could be excluded from school if there’s an outbreak of a disease they are not immunized against. Vaccines are critical protection for children; they also help keep other kids around them safe from many diseases.

See all required vaccinations for kindergarten through 12th grade and childcare and preschool. Lists of required vaccinations are available in seven different languages, including English and Spanish.

Parents and guardians can check their child’s immunization status or print their Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) at wa.MyIR.net. Alternatively, they can request a copy of their child’s CIS from their primary care provider, or from San Juan County Health & Community Services by calling (360) 378-4474.

Vaccines are provided at no cost to all kids through age 18. If a healthcare provider charges a fee to give the shot, parents or guardians may ask to have it waived if they cannot afford it. By law, no child can be turned away from getting a recommended vaccine from their regular healthcare provider because the family cannot pay.

Get help finding a healthcare provider by calling the Family Health Hotline at 1-800-322-2588 or visiting www.parenthelp123.org.

Find more information on the Washington State Department of Health website, on Facebook and on Twitter.