Sheriff’s Log

  • Sat Jul 22nd, 2017 1:30am
  • News

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

July 12

• A citizen met a deputy at the Orcas Sub-station to document a possible assault that occurred earlier. The person declined an investigation or to press charges.

• A Lopez deputy issued a speeding warning to a driver.

• A driver on Orcas was stopped for not wearing a seat belt and admitted that she does not have insurance. The driver was cited.

• A juvenile was reported as a runaway. A missing person report was taken and the investigation is ongoing.

• A San Juan deputy received a report of a hit and run of a vehicle. This case is still under investigation.

• A Lopez driver was given a warning for a failure to yield on a right of way and having no trailer lights.

July 13

• A vessel was at a day use hours only area in San Juan County’s West Sound dock. The person on the boat was cited for a third time.

• A deputy was dispatched to a possible person driving under the influence and reckless driving in the 1400 block of Rosario Road on Orcas. An unoccupied vehicle was found. Witnesses saw the driver of the vehicle commit a hit and run. The case is being investigated.

• A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a parking complaint at the ferry landing. A person was issued a parking ticket for unattended vehicle in a ferry lane.

• An Orcas deputy issued two parking tickets for vehicles parked in a trailer only parking area in the 1900 block of Obstruction Pass Road.

• An Orcas deputy issued a notice of infraction to a person for abandoning a vehicle at a local towing establishment.

• A citizen reported a hit and run in Friday Harbor. A deputy was able to confirm the accident and damage and ultimately tracked down the suspect who was issued a citation for a hit and run.

July 14

• Two vessels were at the San Juan County West Sound dock after day use hours posted. Both boat owners were cited.

• There was a report of malicious mischief in Friday Harbor. The reporting party only wanted it documented. An informational report was taken.

• A deputy and detective were dispatched to a domestic violence situation in Friday Harbor. The suspect was taken into custody.

• Orcas Island deputies responded to a report of property damage at a local business. An unknown subject operated a piece of heavy equipment that damaged multiple vehicles. The investigation is ongoing.

• A deputy was dispatched to a theft in the Friday Harbor area. The deputy contacted the involved parties. One subject was arrested for shoplifting.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a welfare check on Old Farm Road. The deputy spoke with the male at the location who said he is dealing with some medical issues but he was fine and did not need medical assistance at this time. A report and referral to Adult Protective Services and Orcas Cares were made.

• Orcas island deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in the Eastsound area. A local man was taken to Peace Health Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. A report was taken.

• A deputy was dispatched to a boating accident in the Friday Harbor area. The reporting deputy arrived and provided boating accident reports for the involved parties to complete. The investigation continues.

• An Orcas Island Fire and Rescue member turned in a piece of jewelry found at Buck Park. The item was booked into evidence.

July 15

• A citizen reported an unknown person broke into his car parked in Friday Harbor and stole change. An investigation is in progress.

• A Lopez deputy cited a California man for speeding on Fisherman Bay Road after he observed him driving 47 mph in a 25 mph zone.

• A deputy responded to a report of theft of medication in Eastsound. After getting a statement from the reporting party a report was taken. There are no suspects at this time.

• A deputy was dispatched to the San Juan Island area in reference to a dog at large. The dog was taken to the animal shelter and the owner received a warning letter from the sheriff’s office.

• The deputy received a complaint about theft of mail in the San Juan Island area. A report was taken on the incident.

• A deputy stopped a motorist near the Lopez Village after he saw her speeding. The deputy issued the driver a ticket.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of an animal at large. The deputy did not observe the dog at large but made contact with the owner.

• A Lopez deputy received a complaint of a vehicle speeding past a motorist in an unsafe manner in the 200 block of Port Stanley Road. The deputy located the offending driver, who was no longer speeding, and issued him a ticket for a defective brake light and expired vehicle registration.

• An Orcas deputy conducted a traffic stop in the 1000 block of Mt. Baker road for a stop sign violation. The driver was issued an infraction for failing to stop at the sign.

July 16

• A Lopez Island deputy responded to a local marina regarding a possible assault. A Seattle woman was airlifted to a mainland hospital by EMS in connection with the incident. The matter remains under investigation.

• A marine deputy contacted a vessel on the water in Eastsound. The vessel operator did not have the mandatory boater’s education and was issued a notice of infraction for the violation.

• The reporting deputy made a traffic stop in the San Juan Island area. The driver was contacted and issues an infraction for passing in a no passing zone.

July 17

• A deputy cited a driver on Orcas Road for speeding 60 mph in a 40 zone.

• A deputy took a report of a commercial burglary in Eastsound. No items were discovered being taken. There was evidence to suggest unauthorized entry had been made. The case is under further investigation.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a vehicle accident. The deputy investigated the accident and had the driver’s exchange information. The deputy filled out a state accident report.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor received a report of a citizen in need of assistance. The deputy assisted the citizen but also learned information about a possible crime. This case is still under investigation.

• The reporting deputy was contacted in reference to a case of fraud that occurred in the San Juan Island area. The caller advised a credit card was used for online purchases that the caller did not make.

• A Lopez Island man reported that he was bitten by a dog without provocation as he walked down the road. The minor bite did not require medical attention. The dog owner was contacted and a report was submitted.

• The reporting deputy was dispatched to a single vehicle accident that occurred in the San Juan Island area. The reporting deputy arrived and located a vehicle off the roadway with no driver.

• An Orcas Island Deputy stopped a driver for speeding and having a defective tail light. The driver was issued an infraction.

July 18

• A deputy responded to a reported missing person in Eastsound. The missing person was located and was deemed to be okay a few hours later. No further action was required.

• A deputy was contacted in reference to a domestic issue that occurred in the San Juan Island area. A witness statement was taken.

• A Lopez Island deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding on Center Road. The Lopez residence driving the car was warned for speeding and cited for not having a valid drivers license.

• An officer warned against passengers sitting on pickup bed rails while in transit.

• The staff at Odlin Park called a deputy about a dog at large in the park. The dog had wandered in without its human and was taken into custody. The owner was identified and given a warning letter.