Partially submerged boat is back up

The 60-foot schooner Phoenix is living up to her name.

After a storm dragged her away from a dock and onto the rocks in Port Townsend in late 2015, she required four months’ worth of repairs. Owner James Kruse brought her back to Orcas, where she is moored at the ferry landing. On Dec. 26, she partially sank after the line inside her cement mooring block split and she tore loose.

Kruse spent more than a week getting the 50-ton ferro-cement boat upright again. He pumped her dry, blocked any way for water to get in, and let her float up on her own.

“This was complicated by how shallow she is and that there was a small hole in her hull, and the masts were leveraging her over with 50-foot tons of torque,” he said. “The vessel as it rested did not pose an environmental hazard.”

Since Jan. 5, the Phoenix has been tied at the county dock at the ferry landing, where she will be until her mooring block is fixed.

Prior to her recent mishaps, the Phoenix has been the subject of calendar photos, postcards and two paintings. Her black and white hull and her proximity to the Orcas ferry landing make her the subject of innumerable tourist photos.


The Phoenix back up and at the county dock.