Orcas Rec equipment will be sold for $342, not $1,000

Auditor Milene Henley has dropped the asking price for the Orcas Rec sports equipment from $1,000 to $342.

In late May, Henley announced that the county would sell off the sports equipment previously used by Orcas Rec, much of which was purchased with donations from Orcas Island community members. The asking price was $1,000. Many community members were unhappy with the decision, and vocal about it.

In light of contributions from the Orcas Island Community Foundation, we have reduced the asking price for Parks’ surplus sports equipment to $342,” Henley told the Sounder. “OICF had at some point in the past donated money to parks for the purchase of soccer goals. We have reduced the cost to us of those goals, and that reduced the total cost of all of the sports equipment.”

The information was brought to her attention by community foundation director Hilary Canty, who submitted documentation showing that a $2,180 donation designated specifically for soccer goals was made to the Orcas Rec Program in 1999. Over the last 12 years of Orcas Rec’s existence, the foundation donated over $20,000 to the program.

Tha’s why you like having a community foundation, because we have the record,” quipped Canty. “We always rely on donor intent.”

Henley said the new information allowed her to lower the required asking price.

The surplus price is as low as she could go,” added commissioner Bob Eagan.

Eagan said the district comissioners have yet to finalize the deal and determine an exact source of funding, although both parties have indicated their approval.