Farm tours on the way

  • Sun Sep 24th, 2017 1:30am
  • News

Come meet local farmers and feast on the bounty of local harvest during the upcoming farm tours.

The tours kick off on Oct. 1 on Orcas Island with visits to several farms, including Red Rabbit, Maple Rock, West Beach, Coffelt, Wren’s Berry, Orcas Farm, and Buck Bay Shellfish. They will also showcase activities with the Orcas Community Participatory Agriculture project and the Orcas Public School Garden. On the Orcas Farm Tour you can learn about apple and pear preserving, sheep shearing, and hear stories of how students interact with culinary and medicinal herbs. The day will start with breakfast at the Kitchen from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. with the following menu for $15: egg, chèvre and potato Gratin served on wilted hardy greens, pork sausage patties, toast and jam, beverage included. Other items are apple or blueberry-pumpkin fritters for $6 and French roast coffee, cream and sugar (a la cart $2, hot apple cider (a la cart $3) and pommemosa – cider and prosecco cocktail (a la cart $6). Ticket info is at:

The following weekend, Oct. 7-8, will be the San Juan Island Fall Farm Weekend. It starts with the farmers’ market and farm parade in Friday Harbor. Highlights include harvesting Siegerrebe grapes at San Juan Vineyards; petting goats, picking flowers, and sampling berries and fresh cider at Aurora and Sweet Earth Farms; and seeing draft horses at work at Heritage Farm. Wild Bird Bamboo Farm will also provide tours. Visit for more information.

The final weekend, Oct. 14-15, takes you to Lopez Island to experience the diverse operations at Midnight’s Farm; sheep dog demonstrations and a weaving studio at Stonecrest Farm; apple cider tasting at Fruit City; and sampling goat cheese at Sunnyfield Farm. Participants can also visit the Lopez Shellfish Farm and experience a scalable, integrated and self-sufficient food production system for families, individuals, or businesses on S&S Homestead Farm. Go to