Eastsound woman charged with four counts of violating a protection order

Cindy Lee Robbins, 50, of Eastsound has been charged with four counts of “violating a protection order – two prior offenses,” which is a felony.

There is a warrant for her arrest, and she will be brought in as soon as deputies locate her.

On June 14, a deputy was dispatched to an Orcas residence to speak with a man who said his ex-girlfriend had violated a no-contact order. He said Robbins had been allegedly texting him “nonstop” since June 8 on his new cell phone.

The victim’s current domestic violence no-contact order against Robbins went into effect on May 7, 2018, and expires May 7, 2023. It stemmed from an incident in March when Robbins drove her vehicle into seven cars in his driveway. Two of the vehicles were extensively damaged, one owned by the victim and the other owned by a woman. At the time, the woman had a temporary restraining order against Robbins, and the victim had a no-contact order against Robbins due to harassment. She violated both orders by going to the residence and damaging the parties’ property. Robbins turned herself in and admitted to the crime. She pleaded guilty on May 7 to malicious mischief in the first and second degree and two counts of violating a no-contact order.

She served 60 days in jail and 304 days of the sentence were suspended. According to Senior Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Zueger, if Robbins is brought back in and charged with a crime, she could be required to serve additional days on that charge. She also had her driver’s license revoked and ordered to pay a fine of $800. Restitution to the victims has not yet been determined. Robbins was in custody from the time of her arrest to when she was released at the end of May.

The deputy asked how the victim knew the text messages – which totaled 93 – were from Robbins, and he said, “There is stuff she says … that lets you know it’s her,” such as apologizing for damaging the vehicles in March and writing “I don’t care if you have a protection order” and “You don’t need protection from me … but you can keep it if you feel it is needed.” The deputy took 26 photos of the messages.

Robbins’ criminal history includes two counts of trespassing in the first degree, harassment, malicious mischief in the third degree, assault in the fourth degree, violating an anti-harassment order and violating a no-contact order.