Council upholds pesticide ban

On Monday, Nov. 9, the San Juan County Council made a decision to continue the ban on pesticides in regards to the use of pesticides on county roads.

The discussion as to whether consider pesticides originated with a request from the noxious weed board for the council to explore alternative ways to control harmful plants.

“We mow mainly, but that does not work with everything,” said Councilman Jamie Stephens.

The county council received more that 100 letters and about 20 people came to the meeting to urge the council not to consider the use of pesticides.

“Please take this to heart, and end the efforts by the Noxious Weed Board to solve a small plant problem by creating a large scale public health problem.  It just doesn’t make sense,” wrote Mark Anderson, CEO of  Strategic News Service, and long-time San Juan resident. “Having worked so hard to successfully reduce cancer and health risk, the citizens of San Juan would be poorly served by any change that would now increase their exposure to these toxins.”