Class of 2017 graduates | Photos

A diverse class of scholars, athletes, artists, debaters and multi-linguists graduated from Orcas Island High School during a commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 17.

The class was comprised of: Cyrus Amour, Luke Bronn, Michael Chesher, Ella Conrad, Ricardo De Anda, Tara Dobos, Carlos Erazo, Rodrigo Erazo, Jacqueline Figueroa, Anneke Fleming, Axel Greening, Bethany Hansen, Miles Harlow, Emma Heikkinen, Stephen Hohman, Charlie Holmes, Aidan Kruse, Rowan Lister, Devon Mann, Kai McGregor, Henry McMurray, Pearl Mudd, Evan Murphy, Jordan Randolph, Sandy Rost, Gunnar Sandwith, Matia Schwartz, Olivia Smith, Ivan Velazquez and Grayson White.

Valedictorian Heikkinen, salutatorians Hansen and Bronn and class president Schwartz all gave speeches, and Tara Dobos gave long-time guidance counselor Nancy Wrightsman a special class award of $1,000.

The speaker was Coleen O’Brien. She began teaching at the district in 1981 and was the principal of the elementary school from 1992 to 2007. The class of 2017 had her for principal for kindergarten through second grade.

O’Brien told the students, “You are in charge. Keep your eyes open and listen to the voice that says ‘yeah, go there” or “no, don’t.’ And don’t ever sell yourself short.”

The scholarship recipients were announced at a celebration of success of June 16; see below for results. A total of $116,000 was given to students.

American Legion

Citizenship Award: Devon Mann and Luke Bronn, $250 each.

Voyle B. Martin Post 93 Academic Scholarship: Bethany Hansen, $1,500

Claude A. Rubeling Memorial Academic Scholarship: Emma Heikkinen and Luke Bronn, $1,500 each

Jack Cadden Memorial Academic Scholarship: Miles Harlow, $1,500

Sons of the American Legion

Steve Resch Memorial Scholarship: Bethany Hansen, $2,500

American Legion Auxiliary

Sally Hart Memorial Scholarship: Miles Harlow, $1,500

Lar Vern Key Memorial Scholarship: Jordan Randolph, $1,500

Mid Flaherty Memorial Scholarship: Charlie Holmes, $1,500

ALA Scholarship Honoring Carol Clark: Emma Heikkinen, $1,500

ALA Scholarship Honoring Jan Cleveland: Bethany Hansen, $1,500.

Islanders Bank

Bethany Hansen, $1,000

Madrona Club

Madrona Club: Bethany Hansen and Grayson White $1,000 each

Robin DiGeorgio Scholarship Rowan Lister $2,000

Orcas Island Education Foundation

Academic Scholarship: Emma Heikkinen, Bethany Hansen, Luke Bronn, Devon Mann, $1,000 each

Dare to Dream Scholarship Matia Schwartz, Ella Conrad, Rowan Lister, $500 each

OIEF/Marian Berdan Scholarship, supporting women pursuing studies in math or science: Bethany Hansen, $500

OIEF/Realtors Scholarships: Sandy Rost and Devon Mann, $1,000 each

Orcas Education Association

Rowan Lister: $500

Public School Employees

Jordan Randolph and Ella Conrad, $200 each

Orcas Online

Michael Chesher, $500

Orcas Island Booster Club

Jordan Randolph and Rowan Lister, $500 each

Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival

Supported by the Thyra and Bud Anderson Advised Fund

Marilynn Anderson Young Musician’s Award: Michael Chesher, $500

San Juan County Sheriff’s Guild

Rowan Lister and Jacqueline Figueroa, $500 each

Kiwanis Club of Orcas Island

Kiwanis Leadership: Luke Bronn, $1,200

Kiwanis Community Service: Emma Heikkenen, $1,200

George Garrels Memorial: Bethany Hansen, $1,200

Harriet Miller Memorial: Charlie Holmes, $1,200

Bob Otis Memorial: Devon Mann, $1,200

Bill Westlake Memorial: Miles Harlow, $1,200

Lyn & Glenna Richards Voc-Tech: Jordan Randolph, $500

Lyn & Glenna Richards Voc-Tech: Henry McMurray, $500

Bill Marks Hat Draw Award: Jacqueline Figueroa, $400

Masonic Lodge

Vocational: Matia Schwartz and Henry McMurray, $1,000 each

Academic: Rowan Lister and Charlie Holmes, $1,500 each

Lions Club

Jim Golithon Vocational: Matia Schwartz, $2,500

Vic Hughes: Emma Heikkenen, $2,500

Joseph Bond Vocational: Miles Harlow, $2,500

Abrahamsen Family Vocational: Henry McMurray, $2,500

Lions Club Foundation: Charlie Holmes, $2,500

Leonard Wellman Academic: Bethany Hansen, $2,500

Odd Fellows

Cyrus Amour and Kai McGregor, $1,500 each

Jeff Patty Scholarship

(This scholarship is renewed for four years): Ella Conrad, $500

Fidelis Circle Awards

Axel Greening and Pearl Mudd, $200 each

Island Artisan’s

Visual Arts: Luke Bronn, $3,000

Visual Arts: Matia Schwartz, $2,500

Ottley Briggs Schonberger

Luke Bronn, $1,000

Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation of Orcas Island, Public School Student Scholarship

(This scholarship is renewable for four years.)

Ella Conrad, $10,000

Henigson Public School Student College Scholarship

(This scholarship is renewed every year for 4 years.)

Grayson White $8,000