2011 Orcas Island Community Foundation awards

It was a day of celebration for the 24 nonprofits who collectively received $100,248 through the Orcas Island Community Foundation’s 2011 grant disbursements.

It was also the first year foundation awards have topped $100,000, said grant committee member Dianne Berreth as she thanked the foundation’s partners in philanthropy.

In a ceremony held at Orcas Center, the following awards were announced:

Children’s House received $2750 from an anonymous donor and OICF to paint historic preschool building. The Farm to Cafeteria program received an anonymous donation of $4,800 to purchase organic beef from Orcas Island farms. The Friends of Moran received $6,000 from Joe Cohen, Martha Farish, Clayton Philbrick, and OICF to replace the existing play structure at Moran State Park.

The Funhouse Discovery Center received $4,800 funded by Joe Cohen, Martha Farish and Clayton Philbrick to fund an art and science director for its After School Program.

Hearts and Hands received $3,500 from an anonymous donor for operational funds to support a volunteer coordinator. The Orcas Island Historical Museum and Society received $1000 funded by OICF to resurface a metal roof and replace cedar singles on historic buildings. Kaleidoscope Child Care Center and Preschool received $6,500 from an anonymous donor and OICF to fund a “Music Together” program for Kaleidoscope children. The Keepers of Patos Light received $1,100 funded by an anonymous donor for docent and volunteer transportation and safety equipment.

Kwiaht received $4,350 from Joe Cohen, Martha Farish and Clayton Philbrick, and OICF for evaluation of Eastsound wetlands and the Orcas Middle School Science Club. Salmon conservation organization Long Live The Kings received $3,300 from an anonymous donor, Joe Cohen, Martha Farish and Clayton Philbrick to purchase and install three eight-tray salmon egg incubation stacks.

A $21,000 grant from an anonymous donor, Carl de Boor, Ed and Judy Zimmerman, and OICF was given to provide financial assistance to cover medical care for uninsured/underinsured patients at Orcas Medical Foundation, Orcas Family Health Center and Orcas Island Family Medicine.

Twenty-one thousand thank you’s,” said Ken Speck in an emotional response to the generous gift. “We’re a family community, and we need to take care of our own.”

Orcas Center received $4,200 from an anonymous donor, Marilyn Anderson, Carl de Boor, and OICF to install equipment to broadcast Metropolitan Opera Live, National Theater and other programming.

The Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival received $500 from Carl de Boor for a community musicians program to visit all island preschools. Orcas Family Connections received $2,750 from OICF to equip its new office space. Orcas Island Library received $2,500 from an anonymous donor to support its 2011-12 “Big Read” program. The Orcas Island Rowing Association received $500 from Partners in Philanthropy Joe Cohen, Martha Farish and Clayton Philbrick to provide safety equipment: lights, a ladder, and floatation devices. Orcas Island Elementary School received $7,100 from Lance Evans, Janet Brownell and OICF to increase the elementary school counselor from half-time to full-time. OPAL Community Land Trust received $4,000 from OICF for energy efficiency upgrades to the donated Baker house,

The Orcas Island Parks and Recreation District received $2,500 from Carl de Boor and OICF to purchase an umbrella insurance policy as a bridge for the 2011-12 recreation season.

The Orcas Island School District and PTSA received $5,000 from an anonymous donor, The Olga Symphony and OICF to support “Backpacks for Kids” filled weekly with easily-prepared food items for kids who need weekend food support.

Primary Intervention Program (PIP) received $3,300 from an anonymous donor to support operational expenses and consultations with a certified childhood mental health specialist.

Sail Orcas received $2,500 from OICF to replace a safety boat motor.

San Juan Nature Institute received $1,298 from OICF for a Marine Invertebrate course for middle school students.

Youth grants were awarded by Iris Parker Pavitt, representing the senior Civics class, and Serena Sanders, representing Economics.The Civics class choose to give $1200 to the Food Bank, $800 to Island Reproductive Health Initiative, and $500 to Hearts and Hands.The Economics class awarded their full $2500 to the Friends of Moran to support the replacement of the park’s Cascade Lake play structure.

Partners in Philanthropy this year included Marilyn Anderson, The Anders Foundation, Helen Bee,

Michael Brennan, Joe Cohen, Martha Farish, Clayton Philbrick, Carl de Boor, Lance Evans and Janet Brownell, Hull Family Supporting Organization, Sara Jane Johnson, The Olga Symphony, Doug Pearson, HS Wright III, Kate Janeway, Judith and Ed Zimmerman and five anonymous donors.

Grants committee chair Coleen O’Brien said the committee has worked all spring, reading every single submitted grant proposal and deliberating over the awards. Of Orcas Island’s many nonprofits, she said “they all fill an important niche.”