Southern border trek: a father and son hike along the US-Mexico border

  • Tue Jul 30th, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Eleanor Hoague.

Do you want to know what’s really happening along the United States and Mexico border? On Aug. 8, Paul Pineda and Aliza Diepenbrock offer a view into the border crisis from their personal experiences. The talk is from 7-9 p.m. at the Eastsound Fire Station.

For several years now, the Trump administration has blasted out the message that we need a massive wall running the length of our southern border to protect us from murderers, rapists, marauders and other criminals entering our country illegally.

Pineda (brother-in-law of Orcas resident Jan Ehrlichman) and his son Nick wanted to gain a more accurate picture of the borderlands by hiking the full length of the border, talking with people on both sides and documenting their experiences.

The Pinedas have planned to do this in four legs, the first of which was completed in March. They expect to return for the second leg in late October.

This is a particularly personal story. Paul grew up along the border in El Paso, Texas. All four of his grandparents crossed from Mexico into the United States as children and teenagers some hundred years ago.

But this is certainly not a unique story, as so many current citizens and residents have a similar family history. Even today, families risk so much to cross into the United States. Paul hopes that sharing their photos and tales from their trek will serve as a catalyst for others to reflect and discuss these issues, and to encourage other Americans to recommit to the true core values of our country.

Diepenbrock will provide us some insight into her seven weeks of volunteer work at Annunciation House, a refuge of hospitality and assistance for migrants located in El Paso, Texas. She is at once an inspiring individual and an insightful narrator.

Our Revolution San Juan County, the Orcas Women’s Coalition and the Local Immigrant Family Treasury are the sponsors of the evening speakers. Admission is free.