Orcas Island School construction update

  • Fri Dec 7th, 2018 1:30am
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On Monday, Nov. 26, the Orcas Island School District School Board opened submitted bids for the 2017 bond project.

The district received three bids from the following General Contractors: Tiger, Dawson and Faber Construction. All three bids were more than the cost estimates and the bond budget. This is not unusual nor is it unexpected in bidding projects, especially those on the island, however, it means that the projects and overall scope of the bond must be reduced (unfortunately).

During the special meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 27, the school board did not accept any of the submitted bids. The board reviewed and discussed at length the projects within the 2017 bond and re-prioritized the projects. This will allow the district to issue re-bids to be prepared and advertised for new bids. The opening of the new bids will take place on Tuesday, Dec 18.

In the base bid are the renovations to the old gym, including combination domestic water and fire pump to begin February 2019 and conclude in August 2019; and field, base prep, curbs and fencing to begin April 2019 and conclude October 2019. Alternatives include the track construction set to begin April 2019 and conclude October 19; adding the multi-purpose room, beginning January 2019 and concluding August 2019; and entry drive, parking lot and pedestrian paths, beginning construction in June 2019 and concluding August 2019.

Mechanical work will be removed from this bid package and will be bid as a separate package in mid to late January in a separate bid package.

“Although it is disappointing that the scope of the bond will change, we look forward to the changes and improvements this bond will make on our campus for our students and staff,” wrote superintendent Eric Webb in a press release. “Please look for updates periodically as we continue to move on this project.”