Missing dog on Orcas

  • Mon Jan 15th, 2018 3:37pm
  • Life

Volkie, a black German shepherd dog has been missing since the evening Thursday, Jan. 11. The the other dog that he ran away with was found on Jan. 12 on the top of Buck Mountain.

Volkie is about 130 pounds and has a light buff on his legs and rump. His left ear flops “in an endearing way.” Despite his size, he is described as very friendly. He has been known to cover a lot of ground and could be anywhere if he isn’t hurt.

If he is seen or found, Call or text Carla Weston at (360) 931-6550, sheriff’s office at (360) 378-4151 or the animal shelter (360) 376-6777.

He was last seen on Raccoon Point Road and Day Lake Road area, his friend was found near Moran State Park, so Volkie could be anywhere.