Wednesdays in the Woods

  • Thu May 24th, 2018 4:07pm
  • Life

Next year, kindergartners at Orcas Elementary School will have the opportunity to spend Wednesday in the Woods. It will consist of more than half the day outside on the campus of YMCA Camp Orkila where students will benefit from a weekly outdoor experience led by professional educators and naturalists and supported by parent volunteers.

“This is a great way to utilize our local resources to get our students outside, as well as cultivate their love of learning and the natural world,” says Mandy Randolph, the teacher leading this project. Children will immerse themselves in the natural environment to supplement and expand their classroom curriculum.

The focus of Wednesday in the Woods is bringing academics to the forest, enriching the common core academics and making real-world connections for the students. For example, students will be looking to find patterns in the forest and along the beach, counting trees and leaves, journaling and storytelling about their experience. The program will need to raise money for appropriate outerwear to ensure every student is well prepared as they will be outside in all weather conditions. Contact Lorena Stankevich at for info.