Colleen Smith Armstrong/staff photo Left to right: Jason Linnes, Jacob Linnes, Elementary Principal Lorena Stankevich, OASIS Principal Becky Bell, Superintendent Eric Webb, Angie Arreguin and Middle/High School Principal Kyle Freeman.

Island Market school supplies drive raises $1975

Orcas public school students from kindergarten to high school are receiving a special treat this fall: nearly $2,000 worth of donated supplies.

Island Market held a community drive from Aug. 1 to 20, asking shoppers to purchase $10 or $15 pre-packed bags of supplies or to make a financial donation.

“The community is the one who paid for all of it,” said Orcas School Board Member Janet Brownell.

The campaign was the idea of Island Market’s “Neighborhood Connections” team, and produce clerk Angie Arreguin oversaw up the project. The goal was $2,500 and they raised $1,975. The market then bought the school supplies at cost.

On Aug. 29, Arreguin and market managers Jason and Jacob Linnes dropped off a truck full of items that ranged from index cards and notebooks to calculators and colored pencils to tissue paper. They will continue to bring items to the school as they arrive.

“We know many teachers buy their own supplies so we were hoping it would help them too,” said Arreguin.