Imagine Convergence conference in the heart of the San Juans

  • Wed Nov 21st, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Imagine Convergence organizers.

The Imagine Convergence presenter lineup has just been announced and is set to be one of the most dynamic conferences to ever grace the shores of our island community.

For three days over the coming spring equinox, March 21–24, an all-island production team is bringing together 300 local and international thought leaders to Rosario Resort on Orcas Island.

Renowned mycologist Paul Stamets is headlining the conference, sharing about his recently published findings to combat “colony collapse disorder” and bring life back to bees across the globe. The stage will also feature David Korten, author and founder of “Yes! Magazine”; Donna Morton, impact investor and founder of Change Finance; Charles Eisenstein, acclaimed author and philosopher; Bruce Damer, National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientist sharing his theory on the origins of life; Charles Grob, lead researcher on end-of-life therapy using psylocybin at UCLA Medical; Julia Butterfly Hill, environmental activist and advocate; Paul “Cheoketen” Wagner, Saanich founder of Salish Sea Water Protectors; and many other distinguished cultural creatives.

Early bird tickets have just been released, and islanders get an exclusive 10 percent discount when using their San Juan County address, now through Dec. 25. These event passes will make great year-end gifts for friends and family members who spend their days dreaming into a more beautiful world.

We’re living in a time of converging planetary crises, and this cross-disciplinary summit of creativity and intellectuality offers a practice in dreaming up the future paradigm we want our grandchildren to live in. The mission of the conference, as local artist and Convergence co-producer Katie Gray said, is to “Connect with new and old friends around ideas vital to our collective evolution.”

Collective processes will be documented and learnings shared widely. Each day will have spaciousness and integration time woven in and artistic expression a cornerstone of the experience.

Come for the learning. Stay for the friends. Leave feeling inspired to engage the most important issues of our day with a whole cadre of innovators, activists, and social architects at your back. The convergence is seeking sponsors and donors to underwrite these efforts.

Contact Ben Browner for details on how you can assist this mission into reality at

Find more information on this groundbreaking gathering, and claim your 10 percent San Juan County resident discount at