Hudson named mayor in record-breaking ‘election’

  • Fri Jul 7th, 2017 11:28am
  • Life

Last minute voters (and believers) helped raise nearly $19,000 for Children’s House in the Honorary Mayor of Eastsound race. Campaigns were waged and strategies adapted up to the very last minute.

With a cumulative 5,397 votes, Tyrone leap-frogged Dr. Spyder (who probably couldn’t care less) in the last hour of voting by gathering more than 2,300 through mostly online voting (apparently betting) in the last 15 minutes. Tyrone’s loss broke hearts – but also records for the most votes EVER in the Children’s House fundraiser.

Dr. Spyder clearly won the most individual votes in the last hour, which kept officials busy opening envelopes well past the vote cutoff at 2 p.m., Dr. Spyder endured. This cat attended functions, parades and booth duty. He was more than “Just a Plain Cat.” He hard-earned 3,664 votes.

Toby went from dead last just a few short weeks ago to fourth, proudly securing 1,636 votes. The beautiful dog was so recognized that people kept calling another visiting Bernese Mt. Dog, “Toby” to the curiosity of the tourist owners.

Skye proved he was more than a one-trick pony, with 1,433 votes. Finishing last, he was certainly first in the hearts of so many voters and his owner who worked tirelessly on his behalf. His videos went viral.

In the end, Hudson earned Honorary Mayor of Eastsound with 6,714 votes. Through constant campaigning, 10-year-old manager Grayson Rosenberg advocated for his dog while reminding people that it was a fundraiser first and foremost for Children’s House.

Congratulations Hudson, thank you, Dr. Spyder, Tyrone, Toby, little Skye, outgoing Mayor Lewis and ALL the voters, managers and sponsors who helped make this year’s Honorary Mayor of Eastsound a record-breaker.